Nyhavn, Denmark

CMWR XVI - Computational Methods in Water Resources
XVI International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19-22 2006

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Ecohydrology: From Detailed Descriptions To General Synthesis?

Organiser: Amilcare Porporato, Duke University amilcare@duke.edu.

The interactions among nutrient cycling, soil water balance, and plant dynamics are responsible for the dynamic equilibrium and the space-time patterns of terrestrial ecosystems. The mutual interaction between biotic and abiotic components of ecohydrological processes is complex. On the one hand, external hydro-climatic fluctuations propagate through the soil-plant system eliciting a hierarchy of responses at different scales. On the other hand, vegetation and soil biogeochemical cycles have important feedback on soil moisture dynamics and on the entire water cycle.

This special section solicits original research contributions broadly aimed at advancing our understanding of such complex interactions. Examples include the propagation of extreme hydrologic events on nonlinear dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems, the interrelationships between biogeochemical cycles and soil physical properties, the modeling and prediction of exchanges of carbon, nitrogen, and water within the soil-plant-atmosphere system, and the interactions among vegetation patterns, geomorphologic processes, and the hydrologic cycle. We especially encourage contributions that try to synthesize the complexity of detailed numerical and experimental analyses into a general description of the governing ecohydrological processes.