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CMWR XVI - Computational Methods in Water Resources
XVI International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19-22 2006

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Publishing of papers from the CMWR XVI Conference

Papers from this conference will be published on a permanent digital public archive maintained by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Advantages of this form of publishing are:

  • All rights reside with the author(s).
  • Shorter time to publication
  • Full free public access
  • Low cost to conference
  • Searchable via WWW

To see how this will work we have created an example paper and example citation. The correct citation for this paper is:

Darcy, Henry (2006), The public fountains of the city of Dijon experience and application principles to follow and formulas to be used in the question of the distribution of water: Work finishes with an appendix relating to the water supplies of several cities, the filtering of water and the manufacture of strong pipes of lead, sheet metal and bitumen, in Proceedings of the XVI International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources, edited by Philip J. Binning Peter Engesgaard, Helge Dahle, George F. Pinder and William G. Gray. Copenhagen, Denmark, June, 2006. http://proceedings.cmwr-xvi.org/getFile.py/access?contribId=0&resId=0&materialId=paper&confId=a051

Authors will submit a PDF version of their papers which can be created using TEX and the templates provided, or using any other word processing system, following the guidelines provided.


We will identify the author(s) as the copyright holder(s) unless specifically directed otherwise. The conference requires non-exclusive permission to disseminate and make the material available within:

  • its public archives
  • to archives within the library-networking community joining the Open Access Initiative (such as e.g. http://www.oaister.org)
  • on a cd-rom production for distribution at the conference.

Author(s) are responsible for clearing any rights prior to submitting materials to us.

If you plan to publish your work in a journal after the conference you will need to obtain permission to keep your manuscript on the conference archive. Many publishers offer a “self-archiving” clause in publication contracts, which allows you to archive a copy of your work. If your publisher doesn’t offer such a clause, you can negotiate to include one.