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      2. 成都市實驗外國語學校


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        作者:   來源:     日期:2016-11-09 11:12:38

        A trip to Gould Academy
        By Chen Yan
              We spent 10 days in Gould Academy, with their students and faculty. During the time, we had good fun and exchanged many things with the host teachers and families.
              For the first three days, we traveled around the Old Town in Boston,visiting famous universities and museums there. Tom, one of the host teachers kept accompanying us and told us many interesting historical stories. All of our students were completely attracted by those stories.And we went to the aquarium in Boston. It was really surprising to see such a wide variety of marine animals. Incredibly we were allowed to touch some of the aquatic lives, such as sharks,rays, the beautiful starfish, the hermit crab and so on. We were so excited, because it was our first time to get so close to those cute and lovable animals. Next we moved on to the beach and had a picnic together. We took many nice photos by the sea and some students explored some ‘treasures’.
               After that on 27th, we came to Gould Academy by the school bus. The students met their host families out of the dining hall. They embraced each other warmly and talked a lot. And then all the students with their host families headed towards their homes for the evening, and we teachers were invited to the headmaster, Mr. Ruby’s house and had a short teatime there.     
        The next day, after breakfast there was the welcoming ceremony. We were the last one to make the speeches, and it ended with an impressive self-introduction by Zhu Junhong. Everybody co-operated to laugh exaggeratedly and stand or sit in various poses.   Many of their teachers came up and shook hands with us or turned up the thumb, “You did a good job!”We were glad and proud. It was really a good day! Immediately afterwards, we were led to see the whole campus. During the following two days, we had the chance to get into their classes, sat around the big table and took part in activities in the morning.

        Friday is also a wonderful day with fresh air, good
        exercise and beautiful scenery. We packed our ‘bag lunch’ in the dining hall and set off to hike a long way towards a hill. On the way to the top, Chris showed us some maple leaves, oaks or something like this, and told us much more about them. All of our students always tagged along after him and kept talking to him. As we finally arrived at the top of the hill, a fine perspective opened up before us!
        Here came the weekend, our students stayed with their host families, going to the church, driving out or shopping without us. Two days later, they shared a few photos of what they did and saw. Many of them felt it hard to say good-bye with their hosts and hostesses.
                It is a pleasant visit. This group is an exceptionally great group of students. They are confident, curious, attentive and willing to communicate in English at any time.
                繼續往北走,眼前是無垠的草地與灌木,楓樹點綴著群山,天上是連成一片的疊云。Gould Academy就坐落于這樣的景致里。
                我想通過我們在Idea Center的活動來展示美國的基礎教育。老師將我們分成小組,要求我們分別建造一所學校。首先,她給我們十分鐘,寫下自己認為對于這個學校很重要的名詞、形容詞、動詞各十個。接著,我們有五分鐘小組討論,選出最重要的名詞、動詞、形容詞各三個。我們組選擇的是:safety,community,innovation,dynamic,fit,all-round,play,trust,cooperate.
                最后,總結這次活動時,老師說:創新需要你快速地思考,所以你們只有幾個十分鐘。現在我們經常看到的是“made in China"(有人尷尬地笑了),是不是有一天我們也能看到“designed in China","made in America"呢?這就是你們來到這里的目的。
                她說的沒錯。Let China SMART again.

                A smell of happiness.A smell of life.Then we think about surviving and living.
               “Hey!How are you!"這是每一個人見到你會說的話,美國人特別熱情,就算是陌生人也是以微笑照面,這是我以前去到的任何一個國家都不曾感受到過的。波士頓的大街上很多地方都有鋼琴,你可以當一個聽眾坐下來用音樂小憩一會,也可以當一位演奏者用熱情為這個城市帶來一份生機。我想如果一個國家的人民是被這樣一股溫暖的感覺籠罩著,那他們一定是幸福的。
        HI, WELCOME to Gould!
                 HI BOSTON,這既是我們到達波士頓后入住的青年旅舍的名稱,也是我們向美國發出的第一聲問候。
                 飛機徐徐降落在洛根機場時已是當地時間23:30分,連續飛行16個小時的機長和空乘人員在入關口,不忘回過身來對所有旅客彎一彎嘴角說“Welcome to America.”;海關人員面上不僅沒有倦容,還和每一個抵達的旅客談笑風生,他們帶著溫和的笑意,輕輕的對你說“Welcome to America.”;走出閘口,看到等在外面迎接我們的古德學校老師,一個半小時的延誤和夜間的寒風并沒有耗盡他們的熱情,他們伸出手來,笑意涌上眉梢“歡迎,WELCOME TO BOSTON.”
                我們坐著黃色大頭校車穿梭在Bethel的大街小巷,對上路人滿含笑意的眼眸,仿佛覺得那白發蒼蒼,緩緩向你揮手,嘴唇蠕動著對你說“HI”的老奶奶和你曾經相識;周五晚上和古德的學生們一起Shopping,來自世界各地的同學們三三兩兩的打鬧著,Mr.Greene把校車音響開的震天,前排金發碧眼的小男孩轉過來對我們說“Welcome to Gould”,嬉笑打鬧聲中,我回想起了那些經典的好萊塢青春片。車窗外,是快速后退的蒼綠樹木和滿天繁星。

              Boston  is located in the north of New York,about 3-hour drive,however, quite different from New York's busy style, Boston is more enjoyable. What impressed me most? It is the equality and respect showed by the perfect environment.
              Cities surrounded by rivers are always charming——Paris,Vancouver,Venice,Chengdu and so on.Thanks to Charles River, Boston can be one of them, also because ofthis, this old city becomes dynamic. The day we visited Harvard and MIT,a group of people Shuttled in the shade of toweling trees, with sparkling river on the left.That time,I totally understood the reason why such famous universities are settled there. WhatmakesBoston more attractive are the small animals we can meet everywhere. Whether the groups of pigeons and squirrels we played with on the first day , or the cool Turkeys what appeared near school, all walked freely through the parks...
              Perfect natural environment not only shows a harmonious relationship between man and nature, but also embodies the high quality of the locals. Because everyone gives equal rights to all lives, so they respect them, love them, give them enough private space, then live together freely and fraternally. EQUALITY is not just showed between humans, but also between all the living things among the whole world. All of us live interdependently, so no one can control the world, no one can live without others. Give more respect to all the lives around you.
              This is truly a trip to remember for good!
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