Nyhavn, Denmark

CMWR XVI - Computational Methods in Water Resources
XVI International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19-22 2006

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The conference continues the tradition of the 15 previous biennial meetings, alternating between North America and Europe. The conference aims at the dissemination of the latest ideas in the development and applications of computational techniques to surface and subsurface hydrology. The organizers welcome submissions that either directly involve computations for water resources or present concepts relevant to such computations.

Keynote Speakers

Martin Blunt From pore-space images to multiphase transport predictions
Shiyi Chen Multiscale simulation for fluid flows in porous media: upscaling molecular dynamics to the pore scale
Graham Fogg If Heterogeneity Is So Important, Why Do We Still Ignore It?
Gabriel Katul Turbulent Transport Processes Near the Canopy-Atmosphere Interface: Theory, Experiments, and Simulations
Hans Petter Langtangen Building Problem Solving Environments for Porous Media Flow
Mario Putti (Abilene, TX) Modeling surface-subsurface water interactions at the catchment scale
Karsten Pruess Numerical Modeling of CO2 Sequestration in Geologic Formations - Recent Results and Open Challenges
Lars Petter Rød Circulation in the Skagerrak/Northern North Sea: Insight into local response (eddies) to large scale forcing using a numerical model

Special Sessions

The conference includes a number of special sessions that will run parallel to regular conference sessions. If you would like to organise a special session of your own, please contact the organising committee.

Organising committee

Philip Binning (DTU)
Peter Engesgaard (The University of Copenhagen)
Helge Dahle (The University of Bergen)

George Pinder (The University of Vermont)
William G. Gray (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)