Nyhavn, Denmark

CMWR XVI - Computational Methods in Water Resources
XVI International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19-22 2006

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Water-Related International Education - B.Sc., M.Sc. and Doctorates.

Organiser: Rainer Helmig, Universitšt Stuttgart (rainer.helmig@iws.uni-stuttgart.de)

To be able to answer the social and scientific challenges of the future, international and interdisciplinary education on a high level is called for. This is reflected in the so-called 'Bologna-Process', an initiative of European ministers to establish the Bachelor and the Master degree in the whole of Europe. Uniform requirements for these degrees should foster mobility amongst students and scientists. Also educational programmes for doctoral students were given more and more attention over the last years.

In this workshop, new concepts for water-related, internationally oriented study courses will be discussed. Additionally, innovative ideas for the doctoral education within graduate schools or doctoral programmes will be presented. The workshop aims at providing a forum where - amongst others - the following questions can be addressed:

M. Sc.

  • Modular study programmes
  • Credit point systems
  • Attracting the best students
  • Selecting the best students
  • Broad programmes vs. specialized programmes

What demands do the graduates need to meet?

  • Soft skills (Should courses be offered by the universities?)
  • Professional skills
  • What kind of knowledge do they need?
  • If graduates seek employment in industry what demands to they have to meet there?

Doctoral degrees

  • Differences in the structure of doctoral programmes (comparing between countries, advantages and disadvantages)
  • Scholarships = fast degree, employees = slower degree ?
  • How long should a doctoral thesis take?
  • International exchange of students
  • Funding